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What to expect


New member
If you are starting a on-line/off-line no matter what you have seen be expecting to have to work hard to make it work. As a lot of people get an opinion that online business is a get rich quick deal.


New member
Indeed !!
I have tried online business for last 2 years but yet I haven't make a penny. So I wanna say that both type of business needs hard work, mean I fully agree with bestbook123.


New member
I fully agreed with bestbook123, every business (online or offline) needs hard work, without hard work we can't get any success.


New member
Totally agree! But unfortunately, some experience IMer make money by taking advantages of newbies who looking for shortcut to make money online. These newbies often bombarded with a lot of money making push button software or products they end up buying but far away to make money.


New member
I am totally agree with you. If someone want to be successful as a offline or online marketer then he/she should be hard worker and need to follow some great strategy of offline or online marketing. I think that strategy is also so important besides hard working.