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What games are good for children?


New member
Minecraft is great for kids! There's on line clubs the get together and do all kinds of learning based activities. Not that you'd have to do that all the time. That's the great part. There's so many ways to play! Survival, creative, modded (where there's hundreds of more options).


New member
I do not allow my children to play online games and do not understand the parents who offer children to play minncrafts or other similar games. I always buy cool and educational games for them and they really like them. At Chinese sites, there is always a great choice and the lowest prices. And if you use discount coupons then you can save good money. aliexpress coupon canada If you are looking for something specific, but you can’t find it at any of your regular online shopping store list or the store doesn’t offer any discounts, FirstOrderCode may help you find a similar store and you will be able to get exactly what you want at a much more affordable price. Good luck


New member
My daughter likes to play Frozen games. Having embodied the sterling features of great games, Agar.io is a game that one will replay too many times. The game concept is simple, eat smaller cells but make sure the big ones do not eat you else, you start again. Here is a link Agar.io | Play Agar io game for free on iospace.games by the way you can find many another different free games for children.