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What are the best resources for blockchain news?


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What are the best resources for blockchain news?

For blockchain news I use only Payspacemagazine https://payspacemagazine.com/. It is quite handy, without the fluff. Most of my investments I made with the help of that platform. All you need is to go through it on a daily basis i order to keep abreast of trends in the market. Hope it can help.
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There're many sources where you can get updated news about blockchain. I'd recommend the following ones:
1. CoinDesk
2. CoinTelegraph
3. TodayOnChain


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10 Best Blockchain News Sites
CoinDesk. CoinDesk is one of the top media websites for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. ...
TodayOnChain. TodayOnChain is a news aggregator for blockchain and cryptocurrency. ...
CoinTelegraph. ...
CCN. ...
Null Tx. ...
NewsBTC. ...
Bitcoinist. ...
Bitcoin Magazine.

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Alebas Ch7

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There is plenty of information on cryptocurrency on the web right now. But it is already time to learn more than just what blockchain is. The system itself is already entering many markets, so learn what you will need in your business. For example, Solana is a fast-growing smart contracts platform, consistently in the top three along with Ethereum and Polkadot. For developers writing Solana smart contracts and attackers looking to exploit them, the security of these smart contracts is a serious problem.
That's why Solana smart contract audit include a thorough code review of cryptoprojects - identifying security vulnerabilities.
Such audits are usually performed before smart contracts are deployed, as they can be difficult to fix once uploaded to the network.https://cointelegraph.com/explained/solana-and-ethereum-smart-contract-audits-explained