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What are the Best Outsourcing Websites?


New member
There are many Outsourcing Websites but few websites are most popular among the users. I am sharing a list given below

1. oDesk
2. Elance
3. Freelancer.com
4. 99designs.com
5. guru.com

What do you think about this list? Is there any other best Outsourcing Websites??


New member
You know, to be honest, I have found my best va's through craigslist. I actually prefer a less structured interview process. With elance & others, you better be happy with the outsourcer you choose, otherwise it costs more time & money to repeat the hiring process.


New member
Thanks a lot for your kind information. I am not fully concerned about the interview process of craigslist. I actually prefer Elance, oDesk and other outsourcing company for finding high quality outsourcer. Would you please explain the interview process and hiring process of craigslist? How can I find best va's through craigslist? Waiting for your kind response.