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VPN advice


Hello there!
Could you recommend some VPN provider/soft/app, please? There're too many of them on the Internet. which one do you prefer?


New member
I have personally been using Express VPN for years. I don't do anything excessively illegal on the web, it's all about I don't want my activity to be tracked by some random nerd. Here are the things I do using VPN:
- download tv shows and movies
- have access to geo-blocked sites I like
Prior to opting for a certain VPN provider, read this info https://www.firesticktricks.com/best-vpn-kodi.html . The resource provides decent reviews.
Hope you find this useful


New member
I am a Mad Kodi lover and using this media center software for more than 5 years. From a few months back, I was continually getting Kodi Buffering error on my firestick device (yeah using Kodi on firestick). I contacted my ISP and upgraded my plan to 50MBPS but still getting Buffering issue. I search on Google and found this tutorial on how to fix Kodi buffering on Firestick and found that, current IP location was the main culprit.
Then I purchased Express VPN after reading this review and I am 100% satisfied with this. It has excellent speed.


New member
According to my opinion i only trust Fastest VPN for my kodi device because it is the world leading vpn and many of friends using this vpn including me and i am very much satisfied with their service and this is the only vpn in the market which dont have dns leak issue :) here you can find the best kodi vpn to watch your favourite shows and tv channels online in hd streaming.


New member
Well, I already tested many VPN's on my Firestick and Kodi. All the VPN's have their own pro and cons but Private Internet Access on Firestick was one which provides me better speed. Though, I also used Nord VPN on my device and it was also fast. Now, it's all upto your budget. Check both the VPNs and pick the best for you.


New member
Some of the tips to make a right decision
* Check if every plan and services being properly described with prices.
* Check if they are providing 24/7 customer support.
* Check the reliability services, network uptime and technical support.
* Check the previous customer reviews.
To meet all the above requirements satisfied, I would suggest you with webpole. It provides a top quality hosting service at low cost with 24/7 customer support.
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New member
Some points is very important for choosing hosting Provider.
Determining Your Needs
Checking Customer Service
Technical support
Disk space and Bandwidth
Control Panel
Web Server and Operating System
Others' Reviews
I have noticed https://zomro.net/ can be good for meeting all your needs. Servers are not pricey ans they work like a clock. Support is knowledgeable and skilful.


New member
Agreed. In addition to those, keep an eye out for:

1. number of servers
2. number of locations
3. number of protocols
4. DNS leak protection
5. Dedicated IP addons
6. NAT firewall / port forwarding (a little complex you can read up more on it)
7. Availability of apps over multiple devices.
8. Encryption (preferably 256-bit)

These are some of the thigns that can help you make the right decision. Like the guys above suggest, read up before you mke up your mind. :) Best of luck


New member
Visit VPNRanks on this website you will get every information regarding VPN services even reviews of all VPN services providers. I hope this will help you in selecting the best VPN.
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New member
Hello there!
Could you recommend some VPN provider/soft/app, please? There're too many of them on the Internet. which one do you prefer?

You're right, there are really very many VPN services now. Personally I prefer ExpressVPN but there are much more other good ones, your choice will depend on certain needs for VPN :)
For making easier choosing the one I recommend you to pay attention on these factors:
- variety of locations (the more of them has your VPN, the better for you, especially if you want to acces some certain sites which are avaliable only for some countries)
- speed (a good VPN provides the fast speed which doesn't differ much from your average net connections but this function is more avaliable for the paid services, not the free ones)
- cost (it can vary greatly, depends on a certain VPN and period of its using)
- protection of your privacy (you should check companie's privacy policies firstly in order to be sure that your provider won't collect any information about your traffic)

Also in addition to ExpressVPN as the best ones are considered NordVPN, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/en/downloads/windows, PrivateTunnel, PureVPN, CyberGhost and so on.

Dylan Cooper

New member
I mostly stream movies and tv shows on Kodi. I had suffering with so many issues specially geo-restricted addons and channels. i found the solution in the form of VPN for Kodi which not only secures my streaming on Kodi but also allow me to bypass geo-restricted content safe and securely.
Here is the guide of top 7 Kodi VPNs along with Speed test.


New member
Hi if you are still confusing then I am sharing my own experience, I am also searching for apps like that and I also try many of the apps available online recently I downloaded a new app called show box from https://showbox.expert/ and I must say my experience is increase somewhat, and most important factor for me is it is free :eek:


New member
Whether you like or not, but there are few addons which are safe without using any VPN service as far as you are not consuming a substantial amount of your ISP's data. You can find few of them with this list of best kodi addons 2019


New member
No doubt about it in the event that you are thinking about whether a VPN justified, despite all the trouble, a free VPN administration is in all likelihood isn't. Now and again an organization won't sell your information. Now and then it will just utilize that information for their own addition. Facebook is a superb case of this with Onavo Protect.

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A VPN can really keep your ISP (and cybercriminals and would-be spies) in obscurity about what you're doing. ... A VPN association can likewise enable you to get around ISP throttling and shield you from intrusive following while you surf. There are different advantages to utilizing a VPN, as well, yet secrecy isn't one of them.

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