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Top dividend stocks


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Value investors prioritize differently: some are interested in a high current income from dividends, while others are more interested in capital gains. When choosing stocks, it is important to understand how the company generates dividend income, as this can affect the final investment results. For more information about where it is better to invest and how to live carefree only at the expense of dividends alone, see the website https://top-dividend-stocks.com/is-it-possible-to-live-a-decent-life-on-dividends-and-what-capital-is-needed-for-this.html


The market is governed by the law of the "risk/return" ratio. If income is implied to be higher, the risk increases. Why doesn't it pay higher dividends? It will be bought into portfolios anyway https://a2-finance.com/ , because there are no alternatives. And in order to get investors' money, small companies offer higher returns. But if nothing happens to the state bank (99.9%), then with a regional developer is quite possible. Remember that! Although now the government, as an investor in some corporations, is beginning to demand steady dividend payments. This is good for us, too.
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