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Third Time Lucky Lavender?


After two batches of Lavender soap going rancid within the past 8 months, this soap has been given the opportunity to redeem itself and find a place in my list of 'must-have-in-stock-at-all-times'.
The first batch I assumed had gone rancid because of the Lavender EO, which has a tendency to oxidise quickly (and I bought a big bottle second hand in a de-stash, but it was still well within its expiry), so the second batch I made without EO and used a Lavender FO instead - bolstered with a touch of Patchouli and Rose Geranium EOs for depth. But that also went rancid - quite quickly in fact, within 8 weeks of making it.
I finally realised (due a batch of BRV soap also going rancid) that the problem was due a dark purple mica I was using. It was the only common denominator.
So today, I have made a batch and I want you all to keep your fingers crossed that 'everything's gonna be alright' (thank you Bob Marley). I used 50% FO, 45% Lavender EO, and 5% Rose Geranium EO. And thanks to inspiration from @GuacamoleSalad I did my first ever mini drop swirl (which took forever and I don't plan on doing again in a hurry). I'm rather pleased with the result - although you will forgive my signature glycerin rivers I hope.
That does sound strange! It's interesting how different experiences can be with the same product. Maybe there's something unique about that particular batch of mica. Have you ever considered checking out the flea markets in Sacramento CA flea market? You might stumble upon some unexpected treasures or find inspiration for new projects. It could be a fun way to explore and add some variety to your crafting supplies!