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Sport and health


New member
Hey guys, let me know what do you think about alternative ways (mainly medical involvement) when it comes to losing weight. Is it healthy? What are cons and pros for this method. Hope to hear from you soon!


New member
I had been struggling with my weight for years and had tried various diets and exercise plans, but nothing seemed to work. I decided to explore clinical options and visited a weight loss clinic. After a thorough evaluation, the clinic recommended a treatment plan that included a combination of diet, exercise, and medication. The diet plan was designed specifically for me, and the medication helped to suppress my appetite and boost my metabolism.

I also received regular guidance and support from a team of healthcare professionals, including nutritionists and fitness trainers. Over time, I began to see significant results and lost a considerable amount of weight.


New member
Hi there, thanks a lot for the suggested ideas and support shared from your side. I am so desperate for being fit and healthy, looks like nothing is working out for me. After years of struggling with my weight, I decided to seek help from a clinical fat loss program and explore private Weight Loss Surgery options. The program involved a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and regular check-ins with a healthcare professional. Over time, I was able to lose a significant amount of weight and improve my overall health. The program not only helped me lose weight but also taught me healthy habits that I continue to practice today.


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I've recently decided to start running in the morning to take care of my health. For this, I started looking for comfortable sportswear, but it was difficult because nothing was suitable for me. Can you please tell me where I can find good sports shorts that are comfortable to run in?


New member
Hello, my darlings. I will discuss my latest purchase - sports shorts for everyday wear from the Jane Gun store - https://janegun.com/collections/women-sports-shorts. I have always wanted to have my wardrobe comfortable and practical clothes that can be worn for both sports and everyday life. I conclude that these shorts fit me perfectly. They are made of soft and pleasant to-the-body material that doesn't hinder movement and doesn't even cause irritation on the skin. The shorts have an elasticated waistband for added support and wearing comfort. They also pair beautifully with my favorite t-shirts, making them the perfect choice for a summer wardrobe. I am very happy with my purchase, and I highly recommend these sports shorts to all women who want to look stylish and comfortable in any situation. If you are looking for similar clothes, then be sure to check out the "Jane Gun" website and find your perfect option.


What about food? How do you stay fit and healthy, and what do you eat? I would like to get any tips or maybe recipes for some salads, for example. Do you have any suggestions, guys? I would appreciate any input here, thanks a lot in advance!