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Some tips to make your computer run smoothly


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Hello offline marketers, We all use computer almost everyday and using computer on daily basis has became a part of our life. So its obvious to know about the maintenance techniques of our computer. Now I am going to share some killer techniques to make your computer run smoothly.

1. Virus is the most powerful enemy of any computer. Due to virus attack your PC run smoothly. So installing some kind of antivirus and regularly keep the antivirus updated can protect your computer from virus attack. There are numerous antivirus software available on the internet such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avira, Avast, Norton, Macfee, AVG and so on.

2. Keep the firewall protection on as it will protect your PC from the unwanted interferers. If the firewall is not turned on and you are accessing the internet, then some hackers can see and access all the files on your computer and can infect your PC with viruses that can slow down your PC and can sometimes even crash it. Three free firewall products I recommend are: PC Tools Firewall Plus (totally free for Windows without limitations or time-limit), COMODO Internet Security and ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.

3. Temp files, Downloaded Internet files, and old, unused files can occupy space in your PC. Do regular disk cleanup using tools available or you can also do so manually. Regularly delete files from the Recycle Bin to remove all the unneeded files from the computer. Remove all the cookies from the PC as they are unneeded and will occupy computer’s memory and slows down its performance.

4. You should also install a Registry Cleaner tool from the internet. It will increase the efficiency of the PC as well as make the hardware and software run smoothly. Run this regularly weekly for best results. There are a few popular free Registry Cleaners you can get online: Registry Mechanic, Registry Easy and Registry Fix. Also there are a few commercial Registry Cleaner tools I recommend: Registryrid, WiseCleaner and Registry Medic.

5. Keep checking for spyware and adware infection by installing spyware detectors. A high-quality Anti Virus program also helps you detect these. Spyware/Malware/Adware are very infectious and make the PC run very slow and sometimes even damage your system and invade your personal data. There are three popular free antispyware: Ad-Aware Free, Spybot Search & Destroy and Windows Defender. You can read the reviews before you download.

6. All the software installed in your computer must be regularly updated so that they can work efficiently. Nowadays most software have auto update facility and they prompt for updating them. As soon as the internet is turned on, they will automatically search for the updates and if new updates are available they will get it.

7. Sometimes it may happen that your computer is not infected but still it is running slow. The reason for this is the installed programs require more memory for smooth running than that is available in your PC. So the solution for this is to add more RAM.

8. Backups help to preserve the data and important files stored within the computer. Backup creation is an easy process; you just need to copy your important data in another hard drive or pen drive/USB Sticks etc. depending on the amount of data. USB drives and sticks are convenient and portable.

9. Make sure that you clean your PC to ensure that dust does not harm its components. CPU fan must be cleaned regularly to avoid dust and small debris which can harm your PC in many ways. CPU fan plays an important role in making the computer run faster. The computer monitor also must be cleaned. You can do so using the household glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

10. When your PC is not in use, ensure that you turn it off. Also, don’t turn off the PC directly from the power switch till the Windows shuts down completely.

I hope all those tips will help you to make your PC run smoothly.
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wow, its seems that you are a huge fan of softwares. I am impressed to view all your software collection. You have done a great job, putting all necessary software together.

Thanks for your appreciation. Please tell me the lacking so that I can overcome it!!!


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If your computer is working slowly then OS reinstallation may help. But activating Windows usually involves tedious task of working in command line interface. However the programmers have fixed the issue and merged all the commands into a small tool. Activator for Windows 8.1 Professional is a quick and easy way to activate your windows.


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If you want to run your computer smoother make sure to un-install, delete all unsaved programs from your computer. Also install Antivirus that keeps your computer clean and safe for viruses.


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To run my PC smoothly, I always try to update all the programs on a regular basis. To find some helpful articles, coverage, and answers to common questions about Windows 10 I've been currently using, I often visit www.devicetricks.com website


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Attempt the Performance troubleshooter.
Erase programs you never use.
Cutoff what number of projects keep running at startup.
Tidy up your hard circle.
Run less projects in the meantime.
Turn off enhanced visualizations.
Restart normally.
Change the span of virtual memory.

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Some easy ways to run your computer smoothly
-delete temporary files
-uninstall unused programs
-update your compute software
-Remove unnecessary language resources


Thank you! I think it is very important for businesses to make their computers and networks run smoothly and reliably. I use the help of IT network design and implementation, and they are really helpful for me, I have to say. I am sure that you will like working with them too, good luck with it!