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Securing commercial doors partly open


Hi all,

My partner and I own a contract cleaning company. While I have experience with truck mounts, in the past, we have only used portable machines but we are considering getting a truck mount to service our customers periodic carpet and having tile cleaning.

Can anyone tell me if there is any system that can secure a commercial door while it is open about three inches in order to run lines into the building? We want to avoid having the added labor cost of paying another employee to watch the door while running the truck mount at night.

Any insight is appreciated and I hope all of you and your families are well.
My family's business just moved into a new building, and we're inheriting some doors that are a bit like a revolving door when it comes to security. Not ideal!
I'm reading through all the suggestions about alarms and deadbolts, but I'm curious about the doors themselves. Are there specific security features to consider for commercial wood doors? They seem pretty sturdy, but you never know.

For those of you with experience in this area, any advice on beefing up the security of commercial wood doors without breaking the bank? Is there a point where replacing the doors altogether might be the smarter move in the long run?