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Professional Hair Care Users Thread


I've been wanting a thread like this for a while, especially because professional haircare products is what I'm into and prefer for my hair. Thought I'd make this for those that do use salon brands as well that want to share what worked for them and didn't, so we can help each other out when choosing new products and make the most out of our money! Also a good place to keep it all together for referencing in the future.
I'd also encourage you to post what you're using right now, what you think of it and if you want to keep repurchasing it or are looking for something else to replace it with for better results.
Personally, I have seen the most difference with my hair ever since I started using them. Obviously they're not miraculous and I still do the capillary schedule method and use everything on a need-basis routine so my hair doesn't get saturated with one ingredient, and I rotate quite a few. It's what works best for me.
My favorite brand is Kérastase, and I think it's superior to L'oréal Professional line because I do visibly notice that the technology is much better and it's also more concentrated. With that said, if your hair doesn't need it, then you probably won't see the results you want.
Let's discuss!
It's true, everyone's hair is unique and reacts differently to various products. While Therapiste might not have worked as well for you, it's great to hear that you found another mask that you love. Experimenting with different products can sometimes lead to surprising discoveries. If you're looking to delve deeper into hair care and explore more natural options, you might find some valuable insights and tips on https://batanabio.com/blogs/news/batana-oil-benefits-for-skin-and-hair