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Please Help with finding a router


Hi everyone.

I am currently looking for a off the shelf router that can offer 1200Mbps (or 1000Mbps), wifi (WPA 3 Encryption), and is compatible with vlan switches.

The vlans will just be for separating computers and iot devices.

Prefer to not be using a x86_64 router's that run pfsense, opnsense, OpenWrt, etc at this moment as one is in the works of being built but need something else for the time being that can meet these requirements and also be a back up if the custom router becomes a issue. Just something simple, not rack mounted, off the shelf that works.

I have looked into ubiquiti unifi dream machine but they are all sold out and on amazon they want double the price.

The ISP is Comcast.

My budget is $150.00 USD

Location is US but no microcenter around me so that leaves amazon.

I would be really grateful for any suggestions.
Hey! From my experience, TP-Link has some solid options, like the Archer A6 or A7, that fit your needs and won't break the bank. Also, keep an eye on deals; sometimes, you can snag a great router for a steal.
By the way, I recently found this guide about routers, which helped me solve the problem with my huawei router los red light. If you get any hiccups installing your router, check it out. I hope that helps, and good luck with your setup!