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Off Page SEO Tactics to Build Your Online Reputation


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Reputation management is important for any kind of business. It helps to get more client for the businesses. I am now sharing some off page SEO methods for building online reputation of any company.

> Social Networking:
It's one of the most important method for Online Reputation management. You need to join in different social networking sites to engage with different peoples and promote your company or website to make an online reputation.

> Blogging:
You can create a blog of your own business and can post lots of unique contents to engage with consumers. You can also post comments in others blog which are relevant to your business.

> Search Engine Submission & Directory Submission:
You need to submit your business in different major search engines as like Google or Yahoo. You also need to submit your business in top directories as like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory etc.

> Forum Posting:
You need to join different forum which allow signature and start discussion with other users. As like If your business is offline marketing related then You can Join OMF which is a great place for offline marketer.

> Business Reviews & Local Listings:
You need to write reviews about your business in major business review sites. You need make your website local so that search engines can easily view your website and retrieve the content. This will help you to reach a targeted market. You need to submit your website to Google Local, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages etc.

There are also some other off page SEO methods as like Article Submission, Press Release Promotion, Video Promotions, Photo Sharing, Link Exchange, Cross-Linking, Document Sharing, PPC Ad Campaign etc which can help you to build your online reputation. Please share your ideas to build online reputation. Thanks in advance.:dance3:
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I can tell you my experience about this.Reputation management is a task to improve our brand value.What I did is promoting the links just below the negative review or results in SERP.I think the most effective way to do this is blog post continuously with valued content in regular intervals(say twice a week)You can pick your internal company blog for doing this.Just post good piece of content and then promote that post link via different mediums like forum,social bookmark etc.It will bring you the results you need.And also list your business in Yelp etc.Because after the Pigeon update Google just loves Yelp!
Good Luck :)


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Hello atlanticenvs,
I am not sure about promoting the links just below the negative review or results in SERP. Would you please explain this to me? Also How effective is it to submit articles in different major article submission websites besides sharing via different mediums like forum, social bookmark etc.?

Thanks in advance. :)


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Hello rasel123,
Submitting articles is a good idea.But if you do it,pick some handful of good sites like ezine etc.Mass posting of article links works no more.


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Hello rasel123,
Submitting articles is a good idea.But if you do it,pick some handful of good sites like ezine etc.Mass posting of article links works no more.

You are right. Posting article is mass article submission websites do not work anymore. Rather improving your website ranking, It can harm your website ranking. I am now sharing some list of good article submission website. These are:

> ehow(dot)com
> goarticles(dot)com
> articlesbase(dot)com
> hubpages(dot)com

I think posting your articles in websites like these can help to rank your websites. What do you think? Please share your experiences.


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1) Guest blogging builds hyperlinks—and your recognition.
2) Turn current emblem mentions into hyperlinks.
Three) Help different web sites restoration broken hyperlinks.
Four) Where your competitors have links, often you may too.
Five) Really build out your commercial enterprise directory and social media profiles.
6) Utilize social media advertising.

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Link Building Is Still King. ...
Establish Your Expertise. ...
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