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Needing to get to know php and other programming better


New member
Can any one tell me how I can pick up php and java/javascripct quickly as I would like to create some WordPress plugins. I got some great iedas but not sure I can do them. I wish I had money to get them done but don't and won't so got to do what I can.

Guillermo Mata

You'll need some good training before you can start developing your own tools.

have you looked into some local training?


New member
No not really as I got about 20 years in programming in different languages but not in the above. I also have been to many classes in other languages


New member
You can learn any programming language online nowadays without any problems. If you interested in PHP I can recommend to search videos on youtube, this PHP tutor(they are excellence in every technical task) and also you will need to read several books. This all will bring good result! Good luck!


New member
PHP is customarily utilized as a server-side scripting language, while Python is esteemed for its elements, accessibility, and effortlessness. ... Picking the best language for server side improvement among PHP and Python dependent on the item properties is, most likely, outlandish.