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My gift to the community - I hope that's OK :)


New member

Since I'm a brand new member of this forum (I've discovered it only today) I've though I should begin by offering this community of offliners an absolutely free gift.

No money. No opt-in. No self promotion. No follow-up. Ever. Just a gift.

I know that many of you sell (or intend to sell) online reputation management services. I have made a short brandable video that might help you, here it is...

Online Reputation Management - YouTube

I'm offering this in MP4, MOV and AVI formats. The last two are editable - you can drop them in your favorite video editor and add your contact info and logo at the end (or wherever you wish).

Here you can find the download link:


You have the right to do everything you want with your video. You can...

* use it yourself in your sales process,
* find local marketing companies that could use it and offer to brand the video for them for a fee
* use it in any other way you see fit - no restrictions

Thank you for reading this. Here's your download link again:




Staff member

Thanks for sharing this with the community. I'm sure the offline marketers
in the forum will really appreciate this for there business.


New member
Yes thank You for sharing I am checking it out now. We would like to welcome you to the forum. As you will find you can learn a lot from people sharing. It is great to have you on board.