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Mens clothing.... what are you wearing?


Being of a certain age I hate clothes shopping. As such I'm increasingly seeing the benefits of having a smaller wardrobe of a few really good quality items that can be mixed and matched rather than loads of fast fashion that gets chucked every few months.
Currently have been buying the quality end of John Lewis but have been wondering what the next step up would be if I wanted to source a made in the UK brand of quality small batch clothing. Am not looking for ultra expensive handmade fashion brands or anything with a 'look at me' logo.
Luca Faloni is the sort of thing but is Italian. Sunspel maybe comes to mind.
Anyone else?
Hey there! Sounds like you're keeping it comfy with shorts and tees, especially during these stay-at-home times. And I totally get the struggle with finding the perfect polo shirts - it's like they all have a mind of their own! When it comes to dressing up, have you considered checking out some sleek wedding suits? They can really elevate your look for special occasions while still keeping you comfortable.