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I can’t stand people like this…

Guillermo Mata

You may agree with me or you may not...

But Look I’m no different from you…

I get up every morning brush my teeth make my self a tea and on occasions some days out the week when I'm free I work out, meditate etc. But what I’m trying to say is that Honestly part of the reason I’ve had so much success in the “Digital & Local Space” Is because of my will and my reasons to keep pushing forward toward my dream!

No not money

No not cars

No not the big house

Its whats in my heart my family, my health, my wife staying centered. These are the things that get my ass up every single day. And that’s why I continue to push every single day with
My eyes red and all I make it happen – I want to be FREE just like you :)

But I can’t stand these types of people….

Who have nothing to do but complaint, aren’t willing to work, don’t motivate themselves and basically set them selves up for failure.

There is absolutely “ZERO” excuses as to why you can’t get up and get your agency going, close more deals, bring home the bacon to the family.

GET UP GET OUT AND SHAKE UP THE WORLD – we only live once. and stay away from those who aren't going to help you reach the top. Remember your reasons and NEVER EVER stop pushing. Its hard I know I've been there. BUT YOU HAVE TO HOLD ON!!! we are almost there.

Your right hand man,
Mr. Guillermo Mata

Keep connected with me daily:

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Wide is the path to failure narrow is the path to success which one are you going to take. The old school. If you decide what you want to be you become that something if someone asks you where do you want to be in life and you say I don't know then you become that something which is nothing! nowhere!


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You appear to have the propensities of a cynic: Misanthropy

You could likewise basically be showing identity attributes of a thoughtful person: Extraversion and introspection.

In any case, you will soon, if not as of now, comprehend that individuals might be the wellspring of your wretchedness, yet in addition are the wellspring of your potential bliss. It's every one of the a matter of point of view.

Obviously, I don't have the foggiest idea about your particular conditions, however you can see those individuals as being overlooking, domineering, nosy and abusive, or that they think they definitely comprehend what you need to state thus it should provoke you to be increasingly learned and excited about your subject, as well as they care enough about you to ensure you aren't getting into things that could cause you mischief or inconvenience not far off. Be that as it may, it's totally conceivable that I am misreading your clarification.

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Your Shadow Self Is What You Can't Stand About Other People ... There's a platitude identified with this: We cherish in others what we adore in ourselves, and we can't .