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How exactly does online reputation management work?


New member
I saw this job posting the other day where the job poster said that a simple Google search of his name brings up some really bad results. He wanted his online reputation to be made better.

I just wonder, how does online reputation management work exactly?

Do you join every single website (we're talking about blogs, forums, Yahoo! answers and the like) that the person is being talked about and defend him? If so, do people really listen to a newbie-poster/stranger?


New member
Google search engine wants to offer users the most relevant and informative results it can for a given search term. If the search term is ‘Your company name’ and the reviews page on which you’re commenting is receiving more and more content, updating daily, with more and mentions of your company name, what do you think Google will do to that result? It will rank it higher in the SERPs, meaning even more people will see it. Before you know it, your negative review will be a threat to down your entire company.

A negative review that nobody reads is no longer a problem, and this is where reputation management comes in. The best way to deal with a negative result in Google is to make sure it doesn’t rank at all, and you can do that by harnessing the power of SEO to control the SERPs for your chosen search terms, so that negative reviews that do occur don’t even show up on the first page.

You may even come up with the idea of creating fake profiles on the reviews websites themselves and posting positive reviews of your company, in the hope that by adding plenty of positive reviews, the good will outweigh the bad.


New member
Not Exactly. Let me explain. When you search for your name on Google, the results that are ranking high and are negative about you is what needs to be dealt with.

Managing your Online Reputation starts by creating positive content that ranks high on the search engines for your name. So Basically, you create web properties that are SEO optimized for your name in hopes that they will rank higher than the negative search results.

The idea here is to own the first results page of Google for your name. It is easier said than done because it requires great thought leadership to create the content and great digital marketing tactics to rank it high on the search engines.

We all know that it takes lots of great content and SEO tactics to rank one website on
Google. Online Reputation Management is similar but on steroids!

Hope my answer helps.


New member
Although a basic reputation management program can be successful, it may not be enough to fix every issue. For example, an online reputation company may do a brilliant job of promoting your good reviews, but if your business doesn't fix its customer service problems, negative reviews will continue to surface.


New member
Online reputation management (ORM) means taking control of the web conversation. Its techniques and methods make sure that people find the proper materials once they search for you on the web .


New member
Specifically, reputation management involves the monitoring of the reputation of an individual or a brand on the internet, addressing content which is potentially damaging to it, and using customer feedback to try to solve problems before they damage the individual's or brand's reputation.