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House painters....


I had a few quotes to get the wooden fascia (it was badly peeling), some stonework that is around our front door that were painted to match the fascia and one wooden window frame painted. My house is a 2 story with some odd angles and extra fascia high up due to extensions so I didn't feel comfortable doing it myself.
The job was $1300 and I paid a $500 deposit. Today will be day 2 of a 2 day job and I am already really unhappy with the results. I will attach pics below. The stonework wasn't scraped or patched and is already loose and peeling, the trim was scraped but does not look to have been sanded and the quote said they would put wood oil to bare patches and then prime and paint. I asked one of the painters what they put on the scraped areas and he said primer. It looks rough and not how I would expect it to look after being painted by a professional. I can't imagine how bad most of the fascia is because I can't get up there to even check it.
My husband is mad and told me not to complain "or they will do a worse job" and that he will repaint it. He never offered to paint it originally and is scared of heights so how will this be achieved. The quote says "the most thorough paint job you have ever seen or they repaint for free".
I will attach a few pics below. I don't think I am being overly picky. I could have done a better job. I don't want to pay until the owner or production manager comes out and looks at this work.
AIBU for thinking this is crap work and for being so mad at my husband for being spineless with it comes to confronting these kinds of things and expecting professionalism?


New member
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