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Fungicide and mowing dilemma


We have Lee coming tomorrow night/ Saturday and I have today as dry day for a mow. The issue is that I took advantage of the light rainfall yesterday and I applied ppz, clearys and Azoxy, since today was suppose to be a wash according to yesterdays forecast. It’s been hot, damp and humid the last couple weeks and I was running close on the previous fungicide app overlap. Since I applied fungicide yesterday, would I be wasting the app if I were to mow today?


New member
Sounds like you've got a bit of a situation on your hands. It's always tricky when the weather doesn't cooperate with our plans, especially when it comes to lawn care. Applying fungicide yesterday was a smart move given the conditions, but now you're wondering about mowing today. While I can't offer a definitive answer, why not try rolling d20 roller? It might add a bit of fun to the decision-making process! Additionally, you might want to consider factors like the specific fungicide you used and its recommended application guidelines. Ultimately, trusting your instincts and maybe seeking advice from local experts could help you make the best call.