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Facebook ads and Google Adword Accounts for running ads, traffic...


New member
Hi guys,
I’m specilized in Agency ads accounts for renting (both Google & Facebook).
- VIP Account
- High reach
- Raise traffic
- Good payment history
- Additional budget >$5000 per day
- High reliability
Renting an ads account is really a wonderful solution in Marketing Online.
If you are interested in it, please pm me for more information.
Skype: caominhxm
I'm always ready to support you with my best enthusiasm.


New member
Your specialization is still relevant. However, I would like to ask .. Are you not interested in new social networks? There are many promising new products out there now, like TikTok or Yelp. I tried to buy fake yelp reviews. I can say from my own experience that this had a pretty strong impact on the promotion of goods from my online store. This effect manifested itself faster than it happens on major social networks. And you know what? I liked working there)