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Do you like eating caviar?


New member
I don't care much about such things, I just always keep in mind that all the food needs to be healthy because health is the most valuable thing that we have. By the way, if you also care a lot about your health, click this link here now and get some new health-related tips.


New member
I sometimes eat caviar. It is good for health and I like it. I don't like avocados either. To me, it doesn't seem to be a substitute for cucumber, as they say in many recipes. But I recently began to follow more of my health, I found this article where useful products are described that work well for the brain to work. I started eating more avocadas (about one half a day), because avocados not only have a good effect on brain function, but also have a very good effect on skin and hair. It seems to me that sometimes you need to eat what we do not like, the main thing is that it was good for our body.


New member
It is traditional etiquette to eat caviar in small bites, and if you're just learning to eat it, small bites will help you experience the flavor more completely without becoming overwhelmed by the flavor or texture. Caviar is also often served with freshly buttered toast points, topped with a dollop of crème fraiche

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