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Discover How A Puppet Video TRIPLES Leads For Florists Using This System


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Check Out These Other Editions!

Chiropractors Edition
Accountants Edition
Dentists Edition
Realtors Edition
Plumbers Edition
Lawyers (Personal Injury) Edition
Florists Edition
Personal Trainers Edition
Restaurants Edition
Automotive Sales & Services Edition
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Q: Is there an OTO?
A: No, I do not have a One-Time Offer! YES, I do have three additional offers that compliments Offline Puppet Master. You don't need them to have success with Offline Puppet Master! I designed Offline Puppet Master to work on its own. However, if you want to add even more value to your clients and your offline business, get the additional offers. The first offer is for restaurant cuisine specific videos, the second is for a responsive WP theme, the third is for a mobile app for restaurants in single branding license.

Q: What rights do I have for the video?
A: Please read the 'Usage Rights' above in the sales post.

Q: Where can I get support regarding my purchase?
A: You MUST log a ticket at Master Internet Marketing Strategies Support Ticket System so we can manage and track support. It is not possible to do support via PM (inbox fills up regularly) or in the thread (we can't keep track). Thanks