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Crypto Skins not working


I have tried several different skins and INI files that should show various crypto prices but none of them work. I've tried several things to determine why but it's as if you can not obtain current crypto prices via Rainmeter anymore. Does anyone know why or can anyone point me to a working skin? An example of specific skins that do not work are all from https://visualskins.com/skin/cryptocurrency-tracker. Thanks.


New member
The idea of a cryptocurrency mining monitor skin is super creative! Especially with the current market fluctuations, keeping a close eye on those mining profits feels essential. Though, I gotta admit, all that technical jargon can get confusing sometimes. Speaking of crypto, have any of you tried using https://asicminercompare.com/ to compare mining efficiency? It seems like a handy tool for figuring out which hardware gets you the most bang for your buck. Excited to see what kind of awesome mining skins emerge from this thread! Keep up the creative coding!