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CISPA bill passes?

Guillermo Mata

I'm not really into politics nor do i want to hear about politics on this board.
However why am I hearing the CISPA has been passed? can some one give
me some insight on whats going on with this...


New member
I have some idea about it. The US House of Officials has passed the controversial Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) for the second time though Senators threw out the first draft, saying it did not do sufficient to secure privacy.

CISPA is intended to help combat cyber threats by making it simpler for law enforcers to get at web data. CISPA is passing through the US legal system as American federal agencies warn that destructive hackers, motivated by money or acting on behalf of foreign governments, such as China, are one of the greatest threats facing the nation.
I hope these ideas will help you. Please also share your views with us. What do you think about it?


New member
I can not get in this discussion at all as I got this this about the government and people. Do not get me wrong but I think they need some things but they get in peoples business way to much.


New member
Thats true..........
Politics don't belongs here. As CISPA bill passes now we can be safe from hackers.