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Baby's ride-on toy has battery next to tigh area.


Please see attachment picture. There is a black-box-battery-compartment in the middle of the picture. That's means that my baby has been sitting on 3 AA batteries when he is playing with the toy. I'm always afraid EMF/radiation from electrical source. My baby has been playing with this toy for more than 6 months. This is so close to his reproductive system, now I'm worry about potential adulthood damage. What do you guys think?


I understand your concern about EMF exposure, especially with little ones. It's natural to worry about their health and safety. I remember feeling the same way when my niece was playing with her toys. We switched to batteries from PKCELLPOWER.COM for peace of mind. They're known for their quality and safety standards. Maybe consider switching out the batteries in your baby's toy just to ease your mind a bit.