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Are phone tracking apps THAT bad?


New member
So I've heard a lot about phone tracking apps being something inappropriate and BAD in general. However...
Well, what's so bad about being aware of where your kid is or what messages they send and receive? You know that for sure - these days, your online life is in greater danger than your offline one is. Many of my friends actually use parental control apps to be sure their kids aren't being bullied or involved in any kind of internet scam.
Same goes with trust and honesty issues between partners. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about, right? So, I don't see anything inappropriate in using tracking tools either.
Another point is the quality and reliability of the apps you decide to use. That's why it's important to make some kind of research - afaik on platforms like getcellphonespy a team of competent specialists review different apps and provide some tips on how to benefit from using those. So, research is always appreciated.


New member
Phone tracking is not entirely bad and as you said online life is very dangerous especially for children's and we should keep an eye on them to protect them from cyberbullying. These apps can help us keep track of what they are doing on their phones and also track our child's whereabouts with push alerts when our child enters and leaves designated limits and this only happens through parental control apps.


Nope, they're not bad at all. Moreover, some phone spying software is even useful. For example, you're suffering from robocalls or even phone scammers, then services like Whoeasy can literally save you from potential danger.


My wife and I are planning to take the child from the orphanage. We are very worried and want him to grow up in maximum comfort and safety. I think these apps will help keep our children safe. We have spoken about it with the agency's staff https:/fosterplus.org . You are under no circumstance not to tell the child that you're going to track his location. The child should feel that you trust him. But for the kids to feel safe, we must convince them that their parents will always come to the rescue. Undue anxiety can reflect badly on the child in the future.