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7 Tools for create an app should use for better productivity


New member
The mobile application world has become highly competitive with many app creator entering the fray. To succeed, productivity and collaboration are crucial, but create an app is struggle to achieve it when working in a team since each team member brings his working style to the table. In the meantime, priority management, strategy alignment, and transparency get affected. However, app creator have recognised this challenge and are resorting to online tools to meet them to improve communication within the team, delegate responsibilities, prioritise tasks, improve productivity and collaboration. Depending upon their needs, app creator can choose from among these seven highly recommended tools described below:


New member
Smart email client – Spark.
Lightweight team chat – Chanty.
All-in-one collaboration tool - Quip.
Intuitive and efficient task manager – Trello.
Dead simple scheduling – Doodle.
Efficient workflow management – Process Street.
Must-have tool for multitasking – Shift.

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