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5 Best Casino Games to play with crypto


Cryptocurrencies give you access to a vast number of casino games. In addition to classic games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, you can also find unique nuggets.
Have you ever heard of crash games? What about Dice or Hi-Lo? Do you know what the Provably Fair algorithm is? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you did the right thing by opening this article.
In this short guide, we will look at the five most popular types of casino games that are worth playing for crypto.


Crash is the game for which some players, in principle, changed fiat casinos to crypto ones. At least until recently. This straightforward and exciting game became a hit and even spread to fiat casinos. However, we still recommend playing it at crypto casinos, and here's why:
  • A wide selection of different titles. Only three games are available in fiat casinos, while crypto brands allow playing in more than ten.
  • Higher RTP. This is perhaps the main advantage. Third-party game providers develop crash games for fiat casinos. Accordingly, they need to share their profits, so the RTP in such games is 95-97%. On the other hand, in crypto casinos, a crash is often the in-house game, and all profits stay inside. So, the RTP, in this case, is 98-99%.
  • Availability of Provably Fair algorithm. Thanks to this algorithm, you can make sure that the game round was fair. This happens with the help of third-party services, and the verification process is described in the game's rules.
  • Higher Max Bets. If you are a High Roller, the choice is clear for you. Only in crypto casinos, it is possible to bet tens of thousands of dollars at a time.
So, we figured out why it is worth playing crash with cryptocurrency, and now let's talk about the game itself. Before the start of the round, you place a bet. Then, the multiplier starts to grow. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. The multiplier can "crash" at any time. Your task is to withdraw the winnings before this happens.

Best Casinos to play Crash with crypto​

  • BC.Game
  • bustabit
  • Trust Dice


Let's be clear right away this is not Craps. Another name for crypto Dice is Hi-Lo. In this game, a certain number is determined in advance. Your task is to place a bet and guess what number you will get, whether higher or lower than determined. If you guessed correctly, the win is yours.
The main feature of this game is that you can adjust the multipliers and the chances of winning by yourself. By increasing the odds, you decrease the multiplier and vice versa. It is noteworthy that you can set up a 99% win chance in some games. This fact makes this game the most profitable for players. Also, dice games are Provably Fair, and you can bet on several Bitcoins at a time.
So far, Dice has not been widely adopted in fiat casinos. The best Hi-Lo games can only be found on cryptocurrency websites.

Best Casinos to play Dice with crypto​

  • BitDice
  • FreeBitcoin
  • Prime Dice

Video Slots​

Nobody canceled the good old classics. Slots have always been and remain incredibly popular, both among fiat players and crypto gamblers. But if you are a High Roller, you get the advantage of making really big bets in crypto slots. In regular casinos, the maximum bet in slots rarely exceeds $100. But in some crypto brands, it can reach up to $1000. For a complete immersion in the topic, we advise you to pay attention to such titles as Satoshi's Secret and NFT Megaways.

Best Casinos to play Slots with crypto​

  • Bitcasino.io
  • Winz.io
  • TrueFlip.io

Mental Poker​

If you often play online poker, have you ever wondered if the casino is cheating you? After all, the deck that is played at the virtual table is formed on the casino server. Fortunately, some enthusiasts were able to solve the trust problem with the help of cryptographic technologies and the Provably Fair algorithm.
In such poker, a deck of cards is formed on the server of one of the players. Then it is encrypted and shuffled by all players in turn. When the cards are dealt, the other players give their keys to decipher the other player's hand. Thus, no one except the player can know what cards are in his/her hand.
You can find Fair or Mental Poker only in crypto casinos to date.

Best Casinos to play Fair Poker​

  • Fair Poker
  • CoinPoker


If you had a PC in the early 2000s, you probably remember Minesweeper. This classic Windows XP game has sunk into the hearts of many, and gambling developers are among them. Mines has very similar gameplay.
There is a 5x5 game field. You need to place a bet and open one cell at a time. With each successful cell opening, the multiplier increases. If you ran into a mine, the winnings and the bet are burned.
Just like Dice, Mines are not yet common in fiat casinos, and it is best to play this game in cryptocurrencies casinos.

Best casinos to play Mines with crypto​

  • BC.Game
  • Betfury
  • Roobet


As you can see, cryptocurrency technologies are pushing the gambling industry forward. In crypto casinos, innovative games appear, which are then copied and presented to the mass player. We dare to assume that such games will appear in the future. To not miss this event, you should join the crypto gambling community right now. Although some of the games discussed in this article are already available in fiat casinos, they are in many ways inferior to the originals from the crypto world.


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