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Setting off / hide server ip address


DDoS attacks are a big problem for Tea(m)speak. Can something like hiding server ip address be brought to Teaspeak? There may also be a setting to change the server location via the Teaspeak client. As in Discord


New member
Allowing users to change server locations within the client, similar to how Discord operates, can contribute to a more secure environment.
Addressing DDoS attacks is crucial for server security. While I'm not directly familiar with Teamspeak capabilities, implementing measures like hiding server IP addresses and allowing server location changes within the client can enhance security.
If you're looking for more information or solutions related to server security and IP management, you might find this article about default login useful. It could provide insights into managing IP settings.
It's essential to stay proactive in safeguarding your server against potential threats. Exploring security measures and staying informed can contribute to a safer and more reliable server experience.