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Rabbit or hare, what do you prefer?


New member
While many people are unable to tell them apart, every person who has seen a rabbit and a hare up close knows the contrast the sweet fluffy bois and the witnesses of forbidden knowledge. So, which one do you prefer? Do you have a particular species you are keen on getting, or you prefer a domestic breed?

To spice things up here are some cool species not everyone might know

Sumatran striped rabbit, not everyday you see a bunny with stripes

Amami rabbit, honestly I do not know if they even count as rabbits because they are almost like a living fossil (basically gives an idea of how lagomorph ancestors would look like)

Mountain hares have really pretty transitional coats between winter and summer (contender with the arctic hare as my preferred species)
You know, this has got to be the one animal group I actually have zero interest in seeing added, but if I had to pick one at random it would be the Amami rabbit.
I've always had a soft spot for rabbits, especially after spending time with a friend who owns a couple of them. Their gentle nature and those cute twitchy noses just melt my heart. Recently, I've been seriously considering getting a rabbit as a pet myself. I've been diving into cheerfulbunny.com for tips on how to create the perfect habitat and ensure they're happy and healthy. Do you have any experiences with rabbits or hares? I'd love to hear your thoughts on which you prefer and any advice you might have!