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Proxy error in confluence when trying to access confluence page


I'm getting 502 proxy error when i try to open a particular page in confluence. FYI, other than one particular page everything is working fine.
The page i am trying to access having huge data.

Please help me out with this Issue. Thanks in Advance!
Don't hesitate to get in touch with them for assistance. They might be able to provide guidance on optimizing your proxy setup to handle such data-rich pages more effectively.


New member
I understand that you're encountering a 502 proxy error while trying to access a specific page in Confluence. It's frustrating when such issues occur, especially if the page contains a substantial amount of data.
Since everything else is working fine except for this one page, it might be related to the page's size and complexity. In situations like this, reaching out to a reliable Proxy service provider could be a practical step. They specialize in proxy services and may have insights or solutions that can help you access and manage large data pages within Confluence.