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Project Management


Ever since we started using SWSD back in 2014 we have had to track full IT projects within a separate platform called Teamwork Projects. Given all our technicians are in the SWSD platform daily, it would make life so much easier to just have a built-in Projects module to loop in multiple people, tasks, diciplines to complete larger scale requests. I suppose the current answer you would suggest is utilizing the CHANGES or RELEASES modules, but those don't lend themselves to the type of task, file, meeting tracking that is required when it comes to projects.


New member
Totally get the struggle with using separate platforms for projects. A built-in Projects module in SWSD would indeed be a game-changer for seamless collaboration. While CHANGES or RELEASES might help, having a dedicated space for tasks, files, and meetings could level up project tracking. By the way, ever wondered, what is ERP and how does it work? It's like a magic wand for integrating various functions across your organization, promoting efficiency, and ensuring smoother operations!