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OK explain this real casino experience


I'm playing last night up at parx in bensalem twonship late night white male gray hair clean maybe in 40's buys in huge cash all $25 chips while shooter is on point of 8 places the whole stack on no 9 wam 9 hits he walks away ............ i said to the dealers who i now wait a min this guy did this before last year lost huge after buy in walks away

i'm trying to think of reason he did this! Needs to lose because of winning too much or wants the match plays that you get for losing dosent make sense to me at all!

If i was going all in it would be against the players number not open numbers never did it any way 🤷
Now, that's a casino mystery! I've seen some wild moves, but the all-in on 9 is a head-scratcher. Maybe it's some unique strategy or just a rollercoaster of luck? I've also won some money at Bigwin138 recently, and I was so happy. Have you ever had a moment where you questioned the casino logic? Share the craziest bets!