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Offline, Online, Swinging back and forth in style! :)

Ramish Rana

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Okay perhaps the title is a tad bit misleading, there is little grace in failure. However, there is PLENTY to learn. When I was in college I was told repeatedly by less fortunate counterparts that I didn't know what it meant to be truly poor, or truly desperate. I agreed and I tried to understand the woes of the less fortunate. I saw hundreds of graduates end up in terrible jobs and or worse- none at all. I was afraid that my lack of hardship won't prepare me for the very real problems and struggles of professional life. So I made THE most important choice of my life, I started fresh, with no support, no help of any kind and I STRUGGLED.

I was immediately acquainted with failures, scams and a consistent state of poverty. The first month on my own I oscillated between multiple tutoring jobs and taking classes while taking care of everything that came with living in a hostel. I also experienced third world country transport-my Asian friends on this forum would understand what THAT entails. All in all I ran my self into the ground with over work, study, internships, three failed start-ups ad two massive career changes. In the last five years I have experienced complete losses and a few uplifting wins. These days, I run two slowly growing businesses and am always learning new things. I write and I paint, I have seen ups and equal, (if not more) downs. I have gone offline more times than online with a successful idea. What did I learn? Not a myriad of brilliant philosophies, just two simple things,

a) You cannot have a backup plan before you start, it just means you have already lost. Being brave is the only way to carve success and this does not mean eliminating fear, just acknowledging it, respecting it.

b) It is not your fault if your born poor, but it is if you die so. Never settle, never be afraid to quit being a cog in the machine, don't be afraid to follow your dreams to chase money making jobs. Create jobs! Even your failure should be an opportunity, if not for you then for someone else!

Never be a miser with your knowledge, distribute as much as you can for as long as you can. This is the only way you make a necessary ripple and convert data to wisdom.

Too much? :p Maybe! But worth trying out!
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I want to look at how the pendulum swings back and forth between large open online communities (Facebook and Twitter) and small, private online communities (which can even exist within these large platforms). But first, I want to point out that I’m not an expert in this field. This article is more of a personal observation based on conversations I had with friends and recent reading that encouraged me to think about it.


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which on the web and disconnected characters communicate; and Moral Dilemmas, in which players ..... alternatives as far as tallness, weight, facial structure, race, sex, haircut, ...... We have a ton of fun smacktalk war returning and forward they're Colorado, we had this huge polar vortex swing down over piece of the nation, ngative 40-.

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Yes, life can be compared as a pendulum (swings back and forth) and an internet (online and offline) but it doesn't mean that you have to give up. You have to move on and learn something from you experience. Embrace it and you will find what you really want to do in life, a matter of click here or click there.


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which online and offline identities interact; and Moral Dilemmas, in which players ..... options in terms of height, weight, facial structure, race, gender, hair style, nose ..... hands or shrugging of shoulders, or facial expressions such as smiling or frowning. ...... We have a pretty fun smacktalk war going back and forth

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Offline mode works without the internet, hence the term "offline." ... Online Mode requires an internet connection at all times and allows you to run Job Manager on several devices and on the web simultaneously. In Online mode, data entered on all devices are synchronized and saved in real time to the Cloud.


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Today, I need to take a gander at how the pendulum swings to and fro between What most of these online networks shared for all intents and purpose was that exchange that repeats our exceptionally curated disconnected discussions. on the web, we do as such in a pleasantly bundled latent forceful manner, which helps nobody.
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