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Need software development company


New member
I need to create custom crm and maybe app for local business. Can you recommend good company with low prices?


New member
Try to contact IDAP company, I know that they are working with crm software development https://idapgroup.com/custom-crm/. They helped my business a lot, it become much more profitable. We created two mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, and now I use them in marketing strategy.


New member
Hiring software developers is a tough job I must admit. I've spent a lot of time building my software development team and you can't even imaging how hard it was to make it perfect. But there are some tips that could help, for example you need to focus on people who want to develop their skills and become better at their job. Actually, I won't spend your time, you can find a lot more here if you need.


New member
Here I ordered the development of an advertising server (source) for my business. I was pleasantly surprised by the good quality of work and the loyal price. You can also contact this company for the crm.


New member
I can certainly recommend you a company in which i am working because they have been providing service for the past 15 years and all the way along they have delivered many websites and vpn that are used worldwide.