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Need motivation


New member
What business success stories have motivated you not to give up after your first big losing money?


New member
My family and friends often thought that I was a stupid dreamer and wouldn't be able to achieve success in business, that I would lose all my money if I start investing in any projects, and that online business is a scam. I couldn't find support in my environment, so I began to discuss my ideas on such portals, read motivating articles and other people's success stories, for example, this article https://misfitblogging.com/how-i-went-from-broke describes the path of a person who very much reminds me of what I overcame on the way to successful e-commerce. I know that losing money is sad and a lot of newcomers in investments aren't ready for the fact that they can go bankrupt, but I talked with many members of this forum and can prove that none of them got success on the first try. Those who gave up this idea definitely couldn't get rich, but many of those who didn't give up then, now have a stable income from one, two or three successful investment projects.


Motivation plays a huge role in achieving success. Motivation in business, this is one of the components without which it is absolutely impossible to develop business. An experienced boss knows that an attentive approach to employees, timely encouragement and responding to blunders is the key to business success. You can even order special awards https://vizinform.com/awards , knowing how to deal with motivation, people succeed.