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My business is ruined - lost all data on USB flash drive. Absolutely devastated. Plz help


OMG… the data is the essence and life of my business, livelihood especially during this COVID-19. There was around 50-100MB worth of data files, all records, accounts etc. Without this its all gone
Is there any way to recover the data that was on it before it was formatted and used media creation tool to create boot drive… Please help me. If I can at least retrieve a small portion is LIFE SAVER… I beg you. The usb is SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 I think its cruiser.


New member
Hey there, I totally feel your pain! Losing business data is like losing a piece of your soul, especially during these tough times. I once had a similar scare with my trusty SanDisk, and I know the panic. So, I stumbled upon this cloud-based CRM transformer called Planfix https://planfix.com/crm/, and it seriously saved my bacon. It's like a digital guardian angel for your data, helping you organize and retrieve stuff hassle-free. Maybe give it a shot for future peace of mind? Sending good vibes your way.