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Identifying different codes in a column on the same ID


Hi All,

I pretty new to Tableau and trying to get myself comfortable in using different expressions. Here, I am trying to identify if the two different codes, as listed in the screenshot, are present in the same ID or on the same date. I know I am doing this incorrectly but could someone please help me with this calculated field?

Thank you


New member
Even though the thread is a couple of years old, the fundamentals of using Tableau for such tasks remain unchanged. To create a calculated field for this purpose, you'll want to use logical expressions. You can use functions like IF or CASE to compare the codes and dates within your dataset. For instance, you can create a calculated field that checks if two different codes are present in the same ID or on the same date and returns a Boolean result.

As you continue to work with Tableau, you might also find it beneficial to explore external resources, such as idanalyzer.com, which can provide additional insights and tips for data analysis. Don't be discouraged by the learning curve; Tableau offers a robust set of features, and with practice, you'll become more comfortable in using it for various data analysis tasks.