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Free Link Checker!! You Can Try it as yourself.


New member
We have all been there, you pay for a Backlinking Service and get a report with Thousands of URL’s. Let me guess, you manually check a random sample of 20 URL’s or so and leave it at that and assume you got what you paid for.

How Do I Use It? You need 2 simple text files to make this work, one with your domain or a list of your domains. The other is a list of URL’s you want to check to see if your backlinks are on the pages or not it’s really that simple.

Click “Your Sites” and select a .txt file with your Domain or Domains listed in it one per line for example…


Click “Your Backlinks” and select a .txt file with a list of URL’s you want to check to see if they link to your domain or domains using the same format above, one URL per line.

Click “Start” and that’s it the Free Link Checker will go through the list of URL’s and let you know if they are linking to your domains or not. It has adjustable threads, from 1-50 so you can set how many simultaneous connections you want to check with.

It also has a checkbox called “Check Domain” and what this means is when checked, you only need to put your root domain in the “Your Sites” file and if any of the backlink sites are linking to www.yoursite.com/somepage.html or even http://sub.yoursite.com the Link Checker will class the link as “Found”. With it unchecked, it will only class a link as found if it exactly matches the URL in “Your Sites”.

The Link Checker also lets you export “Found” URL’s to a file, as well as “Not Found” URL’s to a file.

Download Here


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Step 1: Navigate to Link Explorer. For the unfamiliar, Link Explorer is our world-class backlinks checker used to research the link profile of any site on the internet. ...
Step 2: Enter your competitor's URL... ...
Step 3: Navigate to the "Inbound Links" tab. ...
Step 4: Export backlinks data into ...