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Experienced powerlifters share your experience


New member
Hey there, I'm curious about powerlifting and whether it's necessary for powerlifters to take supplements or even steroids to achieve top results. Can powerlifters achieve great results naturally, or are these substances a must?


New member
Hi! Powerlifting is a sport that requires a lot of strength and dedication. While supplements and steroids can have their place, it's absolutely possible to achieve excellent results naturally. Many powerlifters have achieved impressive feats of strength without relying on these substances. Adequate protein intake is crucial for muscle recovery and growth, while balanced macronutrients and micronutrients support overall performance. It's also important to ensure you're consuming enough calories to support your energy needs. If you still want to try steroids, I advise you to buy anavar online usa.


New member
Recovery is equally vital. Prioritize sleep, rest days, and active recovery methods to prevent burnout and promote muscle repair. A healthy lifestyle and proper training techniques can lead to remarkable gains in powerlifting without resorting to substances.


New member
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