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Creative Post Question


New member
Two Questions if I may.

1. How many classifieds sites does the program post to ?

2. How often are the sites checked and updated.

Many thanks, Lee

ryan reynold

New member
Be More Creative (By Asking More Creative Questions)
Ask Yourself Questions Before You Question Others. Start by looking at your core problem and framing it as a question. ...
Ask The Right People. Sometimes we ask the right questions—but we ask the wrong people. ...
Ask Open-Ended Questions. ...
Keep Digging. ...
Ask Visceral Questions. ...
Listen Closely. ...
Wrap-up with a magical question.


New member
Make Questions Before You Inquiry Others. Begin by taking a gander at your center issue and surrounding it as an inquiry.

Ask The Right People. Some of the time we ask the correct inquiries—however we ask the wrong individuals.

Ask Open-Ended Questions.

Continue Digging.

Make Visceral Inquiries.

Listen Closely.

Wrap-up with a mystical inquiry.

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