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Creative post: Nuke [private release]

Guillermo Mata



Does Creative Post NUKE work on mac or pc?
*Yes* but please make sure you computer is fully updated.

Is this upgrade only for members?
*Yes* only for those who took action on our creative post version 1. If you'd like access to version one send the admin or Guillermo a pm.

After my purchase will you offer support?
*Yes* our #1 priority is support. You can use our support forum or submit a ticket or even call us 1-800-219-1314 (but please note we receive high call volumes) so we ask all customers to submit a ticket or comment below for an even quicker response.

30 Day Money Back guarantee!


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available 24/7!

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Once again thank you! and we are looking forward toward supporting you and your business. But most importantly helping you hit the TOP!

All the best,
Guillermo Mata & Red Torrent Media – Support Staff​


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I purchased the Full Resell Rights Upgrade 8/14 and was contacted by support to submit my Logo, which I did, also on the 18th. Support emailed me that they had received my logo on 8/14. I have submitted update correspondence to support, with no reply. I would like an update on my Reseller CreativePost Upgrade.

I do have the software downloads, but not the complete theme. The Theme is just a empty theme with no information in the folder.
Both downloads are identical with no CreativePost template or no reseller rights documentation included:
Creative Post Lion Theme W/Full Reseller Rights *Download*
and 2 High-end Graphics w/ Full Reseller Rights *Download*

Is HideMyAss mandatory or can any VPN will work?
Is the video on the Thank You page the only training video?

NOTE: This link does not work: https://www.webdevelopmentgroup.zendesk.com/home
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Using Creative Post Nuke why is we do not need to use any proxies or vpn's
services again please explain.
I understand as long as we don't abuse/spam the system, Would like 2 ads a
day per client? or can we do more without getting banned?
Let me know your suggestions please.


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Is this a known issue?

My creative Post has not been working for a few weeks now. I have tried it on 2 different computers with the same issue. When I go to add and ad and it asks me 'what type of ad is this' is will not go past that point.

Is there a patch or fix available? Your help is appreciated.



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hi i have the same issue i get to the what type of add section i select wanted by owner and it freezes did u ever find a fix i cant post adds cause of this been up for hours trying and no luck
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hi i have the same issue i get to the what type of add section i select wanted by owner and it freezes did u ever find a fix i cant post adds cause of this been up for hours trying and no luck
wmine is doing the same thing.. Thought it was my computer messing up? Anyone have a fix for this?