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Case Study: $600,000 In One Week

Jason Kanigan

New member
I'd like to share this case study to show you what's involved in a successful campaign.

It doesn't have to be this elaborate, but you should take away the ideas that:

> the process is probably going to require help from one or more other experts (you can't do it all yourself and hit a home run)

> warming up your audience makes conversions a whole lot easier

> it's possible to get testimonials even before you release the product!

Here's the case study

Also, an explanation of the process I wrote before this case study (and before the project was complete), in which I parallel the development of the movie Alien with the process, is here.

Pick your clients carefully.

Just because someone is eager to work with you doesn't mean they are a good person to work with. Make sure they have the resources and understanding of what is necessary for success.

Do they have a competently-fulfilled product or service?

Do they have an audience already?

Do they understand split testing? (that is a great differentiating factor I have found to separate the winners from the losers--if they 'get' split testing, they also know the other things I want them to know before we start working together).

Looking for your first, or one of your first, projects? Take the highlights from these posts and scale back expectations. If you cost your client $1 but make them $10, and their other costs are less then $5 or $6, they'll be happy.

Jason Kanigan

New member
A point I want to highlight: If your prospect understands and uses split testing already, they are probably a great fit for being a copywriting/funnel creation client.