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Applying for my own job


New member
My company was recently bought by an investment firm.
To be "legal", everyone who wasn't transferred over automatically to
the new company has to apply for their own job. My interview is tomorrow.
Wondering how to make the best of this situation...

I get home, and my sweety says my boss called to tell me to "Wear something appropriate."
Now, we'd had a meeting about the upcoming application/interview process, two
weeks ago, at which time I specifically asked if I'd have to buy a suit. She sort of laughed and
said no, it wasn't going to be formal.

We don't have to dress corporate, which is good, because I am not a dress up person.
I do not have an extensive wardrobe to draw upon.
I can't run out, at 5:30 PM, expecting to instantaneously find a suit.

Now I'm wondering how much of a black mark am I going to get because my boss
felt it OK to communicate this information less than 24 hrs before I have to go before the interview board.
After I'd left for the day at that.

How do I explain my seeming lack of interview etiquette?


New member
That sounds like a tough spot! Your boss's last-minute message is a bit of a curveball. I'd say just be honest about the situation with the interview board. It's not your fault. Just do your best, and they should understand. Otherwise, there are platforms like talent marketplace that can help with the hiring process. Good luck!