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"30 Minutes & You'll Be Making MORE $$$ Than a So-Called Pro with SALES JUDO"

Jason Kanigan

New member
"30 Minutes & You'll Be Making MORE $$$ Than a So-Called Pro with SALES JUDO"










Immediate Access to All 4 Weeks of Content

P.S. This IS truly a Special Offer: on my website, this package goes for $297. You are getting a massive discount on an already incredibly low investment for this kind of training. These methods work. Get this proven product before the price goes up! Sales trainer Claude Whitacre said in his WF review that this product is easily worth $1000. Get it at the low price while you can!
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Jason Kanigan

New member
Re: "30 Minutes & You'll Be Making MORE $$$ Than a So-Called Pro with SALES JUDO"



1. Q: After the 4 weeks are up, do I lose my membership? A: Not at all. You'll have lifetime access to what you have bought.

2. Q: Is there an OTO? A: Yes. If you want my expertise in implementing the Sales Judo program, we can have a LIVE 1-hour (maybe a little more) coaching call. I'll share some extra details...take you through the steps...give you the focus to be a killer salesperson! It's like nitrous for your engine.

3. Q: I don't know you, Jason. Has anyone used your methods to make real money? A: Over 540 Warriors have bought my programs, and I have helped thousands for free in my posts. Click here for testimonials. Trying to include them on this page would make it ridiculously long and no one would read it.

4. Q: Is this for phone or in-person selling? A: Equally applicable and effective for both scenarios. You can even use it for writing sales copy.

5. Q: How do I get access? A: As soon as I'm able following your purchase, I'll set up your membership account. You'll receive an automated email from the system that includes your user name & password, as well as the login link. I'll also email you separately to welcome you on in. If you don't receive those emails, please send me one at jason(at)sales-on-fire(dot)com. If it's the middle of the night EST, please give me a chance--since we're not using a Paypal button here, the system can't automatically connect to a self-registration page as I'd like it to. Also, sometimes I really do need to go outside. In most cases it will be just a few minutes. It matters to me that you get access as soon as possible. Thanks!

6. Q: I can't afford $97 as a one-time payment, but I can make smaller payments. Do I have an option? A: Yes, you also have the option of splitting the payments up:
$27/week for 4 weeks - Access to One Week at a Time

Other questions? Let me know, comment below!