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  1. J

    How to Build a Fast-Food Restaurant Self-Service Ordering Kiosk and Payment System

    Very interesting. I think there are a lot of great services with food delivery already. I really like the one from https://www.foxspizzanashville.com/ for example. And maybe one day, I would like to create such a service too, who knows :D
  2. J

    Sport and health

    What about food? How do you stay fit and healthy, and what do you eat? I would like to get any tips or maybe recipes for some salads, for example. Do you have any suggestions, guys? I would appreciate any input here, thanks a lot in advance!
  3. J

    Food delivery app development services

    Very cool! As for me, I really like the food delivery service from https://www.foxspizzanashville.com/ a lot, and I often use it. I think it is one of the best services these days which you can use too. I wish they had a good app though
  4. J

    Email marketing mistakes to avoid!!

    What do you think about using some offline methods of marketing? Something like t-shirt & apparel heat press printing, for example? I think that people really. like such stuff a lot, and you will get some happy customers out there. Let me know if you have any experience with it and maybe you...
  5. J

    What can you tell me about promoting videos on YouTube?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on marketing here! I like custom embroidered polo shirts a lot, and we are using them as promo items for developing out business, I think it is really fun and interesting way to do that. Maybe you can share some more cool marketing ideas here, thanks!
  6. J

    What are the types of email marketing?

    Marketing your business is very important. What do you think about using some other methods like custom promo items like personalised printed polo shirts and other stuff from GotApparel.com, for example? I am pretty sure that you will find them interesting and working for your business too...
  7. J

    Business in another city

    What do you think about online business? I think it is really good these days. For example, I like the stuff from https://www.gotapparel.com/decoration-services.aspx which I get, make my own prints and then sell online on Etsy or eBay, for instance. I am sure that you will find it interesting to...
  8. J

    How COVID-19 Is Impacting and Reshaping Manufacturing

    I am selling some custom t-shirts online, and I think that due to COVID everything moved to online mostly. For example, I like the service from https://www.gotapparel.com/decoration-services/Screen-printing.aspx a lot for printing some cool designs on t-shirts and polos, for example. They send...
  9. J

    What time will it take to promote product?

    What do you think about some interesting custom offline marketing items for your business? I would like to get some cool ones from https://www.gotapparel.com/decoration-services/custom-t-shirts.aspx for example soon, and I am pretty sure that they will be nice and working for my business. Have a...
  10. J

    Is SMM Beating SEO for Marketing Business?

    As for offline marketing ideas, I prefer some promotional items like lapel pins, for example. I make my own design and use the service from https://www.pinsource.com for production. It works nicely for local market and I recommend you to try this method for you too, hope you will find it helpful ;)
  11. J

    Business growing

    What about some offline marketing methods? Do you use some? I would like to recommend you to think about some promotional items like lapel pins, for example. There is a great service on https://www.pinsource.com with some cool Lapel Pins and other items which can help you with this task. I hope...
  12. J

    How to Start an Online Store?

    Very nice tips here, thank you for sharing. I think they will be helpful to me as well. I also like using some promotional items for offline marketing. What are your thoughts on those, guys? I use Lapel Pins from https://www.pinsource.com/custom-lapel-pins/hard-enamel-pins mostly and they work...
  13. J

    Does Email Marketing brings Leads ?

    Thank you a lot for the cool and helpful thread here. What do you think about some offline marketing items like those from GotApparel.com for example? I think they are really cool and interesting for any business. Maybe you can give me more ideas and thoughts here? I would appreciate any input...
  14. J

    What Is Good Content Marketing?

    What about some good examples of offline marketing? I like some stuff like personalised printed backpacks and other items from there a lot, and I think that they really help my business and it's branding. I am sure that you will like it a lot too, good luck :)
  15. J

    Business To Business Email Marketing.

    Do you guys like some interesting offline marketing methods too? I often get some promo items like those from GotApparel.com for example, and I think they are really cool for your business and branding. Check those out too, good luck!
  16. J

    Steam client bootstrapper has stopped workin

    So this problem began yesterday, I have tried everything possible to fix this. (10 hours of wrestling with steam at moment....) Registry cleaned few times, uninstalled steam completely two times, updated windows, cleaned computer, defragmentated both hard drives 3 times, Blob file removed...
  17. J

    How do I quit smoking?

    Can you tell me your success stories?
  18. J

    What are some good examples of marketing items?

    Which do you choose for your business?
  19. J

    Is medical cannabis really good for your health?

    What do you think? Have you ever used it for some purpose?
  20. J

    What do you think about those dating websites these days?

    Have you ever used some of them? Maybe you can recommend me some?