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    How Much Does It Cost to Make a Website from Scratch

    In this guide, we tell you about the real website development costs and factors that influence the price.
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    Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin for Cross Platform Development

    Developing a new app for your business is definitely a great move to take a company to new heights of success. However, among the plethora of mobile app development platforms to choose from, the task becomes a bit tedious. Cross-platform mobile development is highly regarded owing to the...
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    Best Practices for Minimalist Website Design

    Minimalism, the art of less, is a popular modern design approach. Experimenting with colors, transitions, navigation, broken composition, or even the complete removal of all elements – there are more ways to implement minimalism than you can imagine. In this article, we explore minimalism as...
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    Do You Need To Build a Custom Real Estate CRM?

    Let’s face it – working in real estate can be exhausting and can make your life quite hectic and at times, chaotic. That’s where a crm for real estate comes in. Should you go with custom real estate CRM software or use a ready-made solution?
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    What Are the Best Languages for Web Application Development in 2021?

    If you’re new to the field of software development, the toughest part of learning programming is deciding where to begin. There are hundreds of programming languages in widespread use, each with its own complexities and idiosyncrasies. In this post, our web application developers share insights...
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    Python on the Software Development Market in 2021

    Python is hot on the artificial intelligence and machine learning market. It was used by Apple to support Siri and Face ID and deployed by Amazon as a backbone of the personalized recommendation engine. So, how strong is Python demand on the market?
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    Popular Types of Workout Trainer Apps and How to Build One

    In this article, we’ll tell you how to make a fitness app. Our experience in building such apps allows us to understand all the trends in this sphere, and we would like to share our expertise with you.
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    What Is Staff Augmentation in IT, or Ways of Closing the Recruitment Gap

    Let’s be realistic: Hiring a mobile app developer can take one or two months. But this will delay your launch and deprive your business of revenue. With staff augmentation, you can cut the hiring time in half. Read more about how to choose a staff augmentation partner
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    Building an EHR system: Definition, Benefits, Problems, and Examples

    Maintaining a patient's medical history on paper can be tedious and labor intensive for healthcare professionals, and with today's consumers wanting quick access to their health data and information without having to physically go to their physicians office, digital solutions are a necessity...
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    How to Monetize Telemedicine Apps

    How can you monetize telemedicine app? Broadly speaking, there are three app monetization models: free, freemium, and premium. And each one has its own pros and cons. And what's more we’ve prepared a guide that breaks down app monetization strategies by looking at some of the most popular names...
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    Popular Types of Online P2P Marketplaces with Inspiring Examples

    "If you want to create a two-sided marketplace, you basically have three options. First, you can develop your marketplace from scratch. Second, you can consider building a marketplace with open-source software, such as Sharetribe or Magento. Finally, you can use a Software as a Service (SaaS)...
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    How to Build an On-Demand Platform Like Uber or Airbnb

    When we talk about building an on demand delivery app clone, we’re often talking about building an app like Uber or Airbnb. Two major decacorns (companies worth $10 billion or more), Uber and Airbnb are worth billions of dollars. To be more precise, Uber was valued at $72 billion and Airbnb at...
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    How to Build a Medical Startup: A Useful Resource Guide

    "Building a healthcare startup is not a simple task: The risk is higher than for almost any other vertical, the costs of building and launching a healthcare product are huge, and, on top of that, the regulatory clearance might take a long time. While the above sounds terrifying, there are...
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    Building a Custom Healthcare CRM System

    Whether they are managing patients or patient related queries and processes, healthcare providers will find themselves working with a large contact base. Like most SMBs and enterprises, healthcare organizations rely heavily on healthcare CRM software to efficiently organize workflow. Which...
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    MVP vs POC vs Prototype: Bringing Great Ideas to Life

    When you develop a product from scratch, it’s crucial to think about it in terms of proof of concept, then prototype, then MVP. It’s never easy to remember all terminology, but understanding these three terms can help you approach product development from the right perspective...
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    Accelerated Mobile Pages: What Is AMP and What Does It Mean for Your Mobile Business?

    If you’ve ever searched for content and interacted with the results on a mobile device, you’ve probably encountered AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is an open source framework developed by Google in collaboration with Twitter. Accelerated Mobile Pages create better, faster experiences on...
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    Best mHealth Apps for Patients: Doctor-on-Demand

    Making a successful mobile medical app for patients is a challenging yet rewarding task. We have experience in medical app development, so we know what we’re talking about. If you want to build a mobile app for a hospital like Dr Now, MeMD, or Doctor on Demand, or if you want to create a...
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    Android App Development Services

    We provide full-cycle custom android app development services. This means we take care of everything that goes into building applications: requirements engineering, user experience, and user interface design, software development and quality assurance. Our delivery will end when you see your app...
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    iOS App Development Services

    Our team provides full-cycle iOS application development services for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, including the requirements engineering, user experience and user interface design, iOS app development, testing, and app submission to the Apple App Store.
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    Telemedicine Software Development

    By providing custom telemedicine software development services, our aim is to transform the way patients and healthcare providers communicate by using emerging technologies. Our developers ensure your telemedicine solution complies with regulatory standards such as HIPAA and HL7 and all...