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  1. HardMichael

    What is investment property?

    I do understand about investment but term investment property is something new for me at least. Dear fellows any idea about this term?
  2. HardMichael

    Payday loan companies

    The largest payday loan company in the UK, Quick Quid, has announced they are closing. It’s thought that the firm was facing up to 10,000 complaints from lenders regarding the firms practices. Quick Quid follows Wonga and The Money Shop to the walk in recent years, with industry experts saying...
  3. HardMichael

    Getting discounts from eBay and Amazon

    Do you guys know some sites from which I could get discount codes for purchases from Amazon and eBay? Send me something you have tried
  4. HardMichael

    Do you still play rocket league?

    This is my childhood's game. Though I haven't played it for ages. Are here any keen rocket's league players?
  5. HardMichael

    Online gambling earnings

    I guess that during the quarantine all the gambling addicts have switched to online casinos. How have your earnings evolved? Mine have dropped a lot