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  1. rasel123

    7 Facebook Advertising Tools To Save both Time and Money!!

    Is Facebook the main source of traffic for your website? If you are using Facebook advertising for your marketing campaign. Here's seven Facebook advertising tools that will help you to save both money and time. 1. Facebook Ads Manager 2. Facebook Ads Manager App 3. Qwaya 4. AdEspresso 5...
  2. rasel123

    Best Social Media Marketing Tips!!!

    Would you like to improve your social media marketing? Here's some best social media marketing tips to improve your marketing. > Firstly create a social media channel plan > Post content consistently in your social media sites > A/B Test on Social Networks > Use Hashtags Strategically >...
  3. rasel123

    When Do People Unsubscribe From Email Marketing Campaigns?

    Hello Guys, As a Email marketer, I know that the email sending time can have a big impact on my recipients' decision to unsubscribe. By examining the time of day and day of week that are most successful for my campaigns, as well as the timing of unsubscribes, I can gain a more holistic view of...
  4. rasel123

    Which Pinterest marketing tools are you using?

    Pinterest is a great source of online marketing. If you are managing multiple Pinterest accounts then you need to use some kind of tools for for pinning, analyzing, and image building, too. After searching on Internet, I have found that I can use Buffer, Tailwind, Viraltag, ViralWoot etc for...
  5. rasel123

    What is Affiliate Marketing & How Can I Get Benefit from This?

    Hello Guys, I have found that Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's products but I am not sure How can I do it? Can anyone here make me understand about affiliate marketing? and How can I get benefit from affiliate marketing? Thanks in advance. :)
  6. rasel123

    5 Pinterest Marketing Tips To Boost Your Visibility!!

    Success on Pinterest comes down to effective marketing, and if you want to effectively market yourself on Pinterest to boost your visibility, follow these eight tips: 1. Write a long description with proper keywords and call to actions. 2. Create Group Boards to reache a larger audience. 3...
  7. rasel123

    Top SEO Tips For Yahoo!

    Hello Guys, I am now sharing some Yahoo SEO tips for optimizing your webpages and getting better search results. These tips are: > Site Structure is one of the most important website components that affect your Yahoo! Search engine ranking. A good site structure helps Yahoo Slurp and your...
  8. rasel123

    4 Tips to Get More out of Your Pinterest Advertising Strategy!

    Hello Guys, Pinterest is one of the most effective social media sites to get more clients. I am now sharing some tips and these tips will help to enrich your Pinterest advertising strategy and overall experience. 1. Quality Creative: Use Impressive Images & Detailed Descriptions 2. Rich Pins...
  9. rasel123

    Pinterest Marketing - How many follows/pins/likes per day?

    Hello Guys, As Pinterest is one of the most effective social media sites to get more traffic to any business, I have recently started using Pinterest for my fitness business. I am now creating boards and posting pins. I am also posting pins from others (Repins) and following more than 75...
  10. rasel123

    How to Measure the ROI of Your Facebook Ads?

    Hello Guys, As Facebook advertising is a powerful tool for getting sales for any business. I would like to run some Facebook advertising campaigns for my business. For a successful Facebook ad campaign, I need to measures the ROI of Facebook Ads but I am not sure how to do this. How can I...
  11. rasel123

    Tools That Make Tracking Your Online Reputation Very Easy!

    If you’re not using a tool to help you out for managing your online reputation, then online reputation management can easily take up your whole day for doing this perfectly. I am now sharing some tools that can simplify online reputation management. > Trackur > Naymz > Brandseye > Rankur >...
  12. rasel123

    How to Use Facebook Power Editor?

    Hello Guys, I am now doing Facebook marketing for my clients. I was using Facebook Ads Manager for my campaigns but I have found that Power Editor offers a number of advanced options that aren’t available in Ads Manager. I can do Device targeting, Custom audiences, Optimized bidding, Bulk...
  13. rasel123

    4 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO!

    The practices of Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) are two strategies that are connected to each other in many ways. I am now sharing some practices of SMM that can provide a boost to your SEO. 1. Optimizing Social Media Posts for Searches: Optimizing the posts on...
  14. rasel123

    How to promote a Pin?

    Pinterest is an important social media site for marketing any business. Now I just want to reach my audience and achieve all my marketing goals by using Pinterest Marketing. I want to promote some of my pins but I am confused about the budget and targeting audience. How should I set my daily...
  15. rasel123

    Tips for Optimizing Your Twitter Advertising Campaigns!

    Twitter is very important for any kind of business. If you are thinking of trying out Twitter advertising, check out these top tips for optimizing your Twitter campaigns: > Understand Twitter Traffic is Overwhelmingly Mobile: It's important to make your website mobile friendly to get the...
  16. rasel123

    How to Get Rich Pins?

    Hello Everyone, Pinterest is one of the best social media sites for marketing any business. Recently I have found that Pinterest have a option called Rich Pins, Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. I have found that These pins are really important for...
  17. rasel123

    Best SEO plugin for WordPress Websites?

    Hello guys, Recently I have started my own blogging website in WordPress. I have just started writing posts for my blog. I want to make sure that all of my blog posts are fully SEO optimized. I am now looking for the best SEO plugin for my WordPress blog. I have found that All in One SEO Pack...
  18. rasel123

    How to Set Up Twitter Advertising Campaigns?

    Hello Guys, As I know, Twitter Advertising is really important for any kind of businesses. Recently I am thinking to run a Twitter Advertising campaign for one of my clients. As It's my first Twitter ad campaign, After searching on Google I have found some important tips on How to set up...
  19. rasel123

    How to Measure Social Media ROI??

    Hello Guys, As I am doing social media posting for my clients. Recently one of my client told me to to Measure Social Media ROI!:confused: I have heard about it but not concern about the measurement of social media ROI. Also I don't know Why Measure Your ROI? What Does Social Media ROI Look...
  20. rasel123

    How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign?

    I believe Facebook could be a great tool for my business if only I use it right. I am now planning to run a Facebook campaign and want to make sure I have everything in place before I go live. How can I create a successful Facebook Ad campaign? Please share your experiences guys. Thanks in advance.